SUNTORY The Premium Malt’s Free Trial Campaign

The Premium Malt’s trial campaign for your restaurant!

Apply for the campaign and get a free keg of The Premium Malt’s (10L).
*First 10 restaurants which apply and meet the following conditions can get a keg.

●Application deadline
15th June 2021

●Application conditions

  • Restaurants with a liquor license
  • Restaurants that do not currently carry The Premium Malt’s
  • Limited to areas where JFC Australia can deliver (Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Perth)


  • We are unable to respond to applications from those who do not fit the conditions, or who applies after first 10 restaurants.
  • The Premium Malt’s is only available in kegs in Austria, so a sample is limited to a keg.
  • If you are among the first 10 restaurants, JFC Australia will inform you and deliver a keg to your restaurant.
  • If you wish, JFC Australia can bring the equipment and gas set for tasting.

Why The Premium Malt’s?

The Ultimate Beer – Rich Flavor and Elegant Aroma, in Harmony.

The flowery aroma greets you the moment it’s poured. The creamy foam rises and welcomes you with its silky touch. The rich, distinctive flavor and depth of body is followed by a pleasantly clear, lingering finish. The Premium Malt’s – the ultimate beer that keeps on satisfying.

The Beer You Can Love From the Heart.

In Germany. a country renowned for its beer, they have a word called “weitertrinken,” which describes something you can drink one after another. Creating a beer like that is every brewer’s dream – like a loved one you want to meet over and over again. The result of over 50 years of searching for perfection, The Premium Malt’s smooth, rich flavor and aromatic nose make it a beer you can love forever.

Breweries Built at the Source of Natural Water.

Beer is nearly 90% water, so Suntory’s master brewers use water of the highest quality. This has always been the Suntory way. Our four breweries are each located at sites with deep, reliable wells of clean, natural water. That’s because rather than efficiency, our focus is on taste. Any other approach would be unthinkable

Strive for the Best Malts

Diamond malts contains a hight concentration of “umami” taste components. Because of its tough structure, time and effort are required to fully extract its flavor. That is what makes The Premium Malt’s so special. The malts is boiled twice in mash kettles using a double decoction process. The resulting brew has a uniquely rich, deep taste a testament to the commitment and determination of Suntory’s master brewers.

Pursue the Perfect Aroma

Aroma hops from Europe are essential to achieve a beer with an elegant aroma. To guarantee top-quality hops, Suntory supports the farmers who grow them in the Czech Republic. Farmers are visited frequently to ensure quality and to carefully select the best hops. These are sent to Japan by refrigerated transport to preserve freshness. During the brewing process, hops are gradually added several times using an aroma-rich hopping method developed after a decade of research. Every step in the production of The Premium Malt’s has been refined to bring out an unforgettable delicious aroma.

Brewed Only in Japan

The Premium malt’s is brewed using a special process with natural water from Japan. If the water used to brew beer is different, the taste of beer will naturally be different. The accumulation of years of refined techniques and experience leads to a truly deliciousness.
Exporting beer from Japan to Australia, the temperature is always controlled. All beer is refrigerated, from the containers on board to the warehouses in Australia so that can maintain the same quality as beer that has just left Japan. Once there was a brewer who traveled from Japan to Europe with the ambition to create a world-class beer. This dream is how The Premium Malt’s started. The challenge to create the best beer in the world, 100% brewed in Japan, continues to this day.